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Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is played on a professional level, but also in schools, local courts, and backyards. With so much competition you really need something special to stand out from the crowd. The following tips can all be used to make a stir on the basketball court.

Free Throw Skills

Your free throws will be dependent on your mental strength. Practice focusing your mind and relaxing internally before making the shot. It will take time to master, but when you have got the technique down you can perform these actions at the game speed.

Following a Coaching Program

Online coaching programs are as close as you can get to a professional coach. Vertical jump training plans can really help you to make a difference if you don’t have access to top basketball coaching. Probably the best know course is the Jump Manual from Jacob Hiller, but there are various alternatives you could try. If you are interested in online jump training, do your research at HOWTOJUMPHIGHERPRO.COM to find which program will suit you best.

Watch the Experts

basketball dunkingYou can learn so much from watching how the professionals play. Most people watch in a general way without focusing heavily on exactly what each player is doing. When you start to look closely at the technique you can start to implement these things into your game. The court is a place to learn and replicate.

Good Communication

Don’t try to practice in isolation. There are certain solo fitness activities, but working as a team can often be extremely beneficial. Ask your teammates for their advice and they may have noticed certain things you were doing wrong. A spirit of openness among the team can help your basketball game go to the next level.

Be Conscious of Injuries

All sports people get injuries and they often require rehabilitation. Time out of the game can be very frustrating, but you must get used to it and develop a positive mindset. Don’t try to press on if you discover an injury as you play. It might be tempting to try to fight it, but you can often pay the price for months ahead if you make the problem worse.

Watch the Tape

Recording yourself on good quality video is so much easier nowadays. You can get a quality video camera, take a friend out onto the court, and record yourself performing various moves. Rather than record a whole game, focus on certain areas like your dribbling or your vertical jumping. This way you can master the technique and dribble more smoothly and jump higher for dunking.

Work on Your Weaknesses

If you are a right-handed player, spend time working with your left hand. You might prefer a certain hand, but this can make you predictable. Most players who are reliant on one hand will always dribbling in one way and can be stopped easier. When you are an all-rounder, opponents won’t know what to expect.

Final Thoughts

If you can use these techniques on a regular basis, becoming a quality basketball player is highly achievable. Basketball is like almost any other sport in that you need to focus, work hard, and aim for perfection. Even if you just want to become a good player on your local court, you can learn to jump higher, dunk the ball, dribble effectively, and get an accurate shot.

Yoga is underrated when it comes to staying in great shape. A regular session of yoga is perfect for maintaining flexibility and core strength.

While some people are reluctant to start yoga, you just need to look at the common examples of professional athletes who have given credit to yoga.

In the basketball world, Lebron James has said that yoga helped alleviate cramping issues he was facing. Indeed Lebron took a yoga class at the Nike Basketball Academy, also attended by Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant.

The retired soccer player Ryan Giggs gave huge credit to yoga routines for helping him playing until he was 40 years old. He maintained a regular yoga routine as part of his training and the results paid off.

Here is a short routine you can use to get started with the fitness routine.

We’ve all heard that squats are one of the foundation exercises that give you some of the best results. We use the squat movement many times each day, whether we are moving from a standing to a seated position or bending to retrieve something.

Even if you are only going to perform a small number of exercises, squats should become part of your routine.

Squats are incredibly important for athletes,and most sportspeople can benefit from them. Think of a football player and the movements they have to make many times per game. Consider a basketball player as they bend down to gain some leverage before leaping off the ground.

Nike Training have created a short video explaining the basics of squats in a short and clear manner. Check it out below.


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